"ROATÁN & the History of the Bay Islands" Book with Exclusive Photos – Roatan Book

ROATÁN & the History of the Bay Islands

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From the crystal clear waters teeming with wild marine life, to the pristine snow white sandy beaches, Roatán is a tucked-away treasure island on the northern coast of Honduras. Drive with the top down through lush tropical forests on your way to West Bay, experience authentic Garifuna cuisine and picture perfect sceneries, and snorkel in awe of the majestic Mesoamerican barrier reef awash in dazzling array of shapes and colors. 

This book, Roatán and The History of the Bay islands, is a visual love story about this hidden gem of the Caribbean. Besides the breathtaking imagery and exclusive shots of the island life, the book takes an inspirational view of a rich cultural past, delves into the heritage that continues to shape the growth of the island, and celebrates a paradise on earth.

Lizzette Kattán and Ronald James, a creative mother and son duo, take readers on an unforgettable and picturesque journey, that will leave you rested and inspired to come and explore the island on your own. Personal essays and unique photos through the lens of Ronald James and a number of the local and world-renowned photographers paint an intimate portrait of one of the world’s most treasured and hidden destinations. An introduction from the former president of Honduras, weaved together with quotes from some of the most savvy travelers and globetrotters, add another level of personality to the journey and unveil Roatán's tropical allure and charisma that continues to draw new devotees with each year.

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