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Divers’ Heaven: Roatán

Roatán is considered to be the most developed of the Bay Islands in Honduras. There is plenty to do and see on land, but diving in Roatán is by far the best thing to do while visiting the island. The long island of Roatán is a veritable paradise for scuba divers. Its pristine waters and healthy coral reefs boast some of the most exciting marine life and underwater adventures.

The island is situated just off the north coast of Honduras in the Caribbean and while there are plenty of places across the Caribbean worth visiting for divers, Roatán is arguably the best. The ocean is warm which is ideal for divers, allowing them to explore in nothing more than their swimming costumes and gear. These clear waters are home to thriving and colorful coral reefs which is an increasingly rare sight in the current global climate.

Swarming around these vibrant reefs is a long list of marine life must-sees. Divers can expect to spot giant groupers, whale sharks, eagle rays, fireworms, seahorses, a variety of eels and even dolphins! This healthy biodiversity can be attributed to the Sandy Bay-West End Marine Reserve which endeavors to protect and preserve the Roatán waters.

More adventurous divers can opt to explore a number of shipwrecks, trenches and coral drop offs. El Aguila wreck is by far the most popular. Sunk in 1997 and a year later was broken into three pieces by a storm. The wreck sits well within recreational depth and is neighbored by a gorgeous reef which divers can explore in the same trip.

Next on the list is Hole in The Wall, a coral reef with a sand tunnel piercing through it. Brave divers can float through the tunnel and observe a myriad of fish, maybe even a placid nurse shark if they’re lucky!

There is another wreck for divers to explore in Roatán: the Odyssey wreck. It is by far the largest wreck in Roatán and sits at a depth suited only for advanced divers. The ship was actually sunk here with the sole purpose of becoming a reef to support marine life and to become a beautiful spot for divers to explore and it is certainly delivering on all fronts. Equipped with a flashlight, divers can swim in and out of the hull, gazing at barracuda, tuna and sharks.

There are countless more sites dotted around Roatán, so there is bound to be something for every diver at every level. With so much to see and so many places to dive it can be daunting to get to them all in one visit! Fortunately, Roatán’s long, thin shape makes it easy and relatively painless to travel from one destination to the next. Better still, the island is full of gorgeous fishing villages, waterfronts and tourist sites to explore along the way.

Whether you are visiting Roatán to dive or not, it will be hard to resist its inviting waters and take a peek at what lies below. You will not be disappointed!

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roatan book, Diving in Roatán, What to do in Roatán, Best places in Roatán
roatan book, Diving in Roatán, What to do in Roatán, Best places in Roatán